Framing Styles


The basics of modern interior design utilize new materials and techniques. The most common installations include metal, blown-glass and concrete.  Metal is typically used for accents and fixtures. Many people think that the metal decor just adds coldness to the room, but what it is used for is to enhance the warmth of the nearby items. The metal, glass and concrete create a simplistic design for the modern home.


Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic cicture frames would include pastel-colored painted metals that have a vintage feel to them.


French Country

The casual elegance of French country picture frames often have stark black and dull grays, often times a combination of wood and iron work.



Picture frames adorning the walls of a lodge style home would reflect the rough and rustic of the mountain and outdoors lifestyles.  Materials should be very natural—leather, wood and iron.



The casual home decor has a simple, cozy and inviting character. The simplistic style combines textures, lines and accessories, following simple but fine layouts that mimic a sense of symmetry that plays outside of its common boundaries. Details and accessories for casual style rooms are to be simple. Plain shapes like rectangles or circles and items with smooth curves work well.



Accessories and furnishings appear in pairs to establish a sense of order and symmetry. However, the style is relaxed and more focused on comfort than aesthetics. Furniture woodwork is generally clean and curvy with smooth edges and a limited number of sharp angles or vertexes.
The traditional style is simple and classy. Applying a combination of rules from the formal and casual styles of decor, the traditional style is a perfect mix of both.


Tuscan style picture frames range from gold moldings to the touch of wrought iron. Whatever it’s made of, it’s a warm and inviting style.



Minimalist style picture frames can also be called no frames at all! Many times images are simply gallery wrapped—where the photo stretches around the stretcher bar and there is no other frame. This allow the full impact of the art work against the wall. Or, if there is a frame, it is minimal to allow the artwork to be center stage.


Tropical Chic

Tropical Chic style combines textures and patterns with a splash of color. Textures would come from materials such as rattan, bamboo, wicker, with great color.