How to Add Embellishment to Your Canvas Giclee Print

One of the hottest trends in giclee printing is embellishment. So what is it anyway?

Embellishment refers to adding hand applied artistic touches after the giclee canvas is printed. These can be in the form of brush strokes of paint, color washes, glazes or any number of mixed media applications.

Both acrylic and oil paints are acceptable to use on your varnished canvas print. It is often mixed with a gel medium to mimic the finish of the canvases. Most of the time it is much easier to apply your embellishments after the finished print is stretched or mounted.

Since metallic colors are not available in the giclee printing process, many artists choose to add these to make their prints stand out. Another common technique is applying clear gel medium with visible brush strokes in the direction of the original painting to give the illusion of depth. It is advisable to protect the finished embellishments with a professional grade coating gel or varnish.

The quality of giclee prints allows you plenty of room to experiment and create a beautiful one of a kind piece!