What to do with Old Family Photos

What to do with Old Family Photos

Many people have family photos that would be terrific as art in the home. Depending on the style you prefer, photos can be restored or retouched to be ready to hang on the walls.Family Photo

You can take a “Do It Yourself” approach and with scissors or an x-acto knife to cut out photos and place them on a meaningful background. For photos that have seen better days, you can call a local digital art or photography studio to see if they can digitally restore the photo of your family member and then they can print it onto canvas or paper so you can have it as art on your walls.Photo Cluster

You can also review different styles of retouching -
What do you do if you have several images that you love and each one has a different background. Ask your local art studio if they can digitally remove the existing background and create a common one for all images. Another great idea is to have your art studio put a background that explains the photo such as this military photo with a sea background.

Family pictures look most purposeful when grouped. Grouping black and white pictures in small black frames is a classic and elegant look. Stairwells, room corners and hallways are great places for large displays because they’re often unused expanses of wall space.